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Mono-Rail for bicycle

What if cycling was safer – tied away from traffic- and more confortable (for instance, rainproof?). You would be more keen on cycling won’t you ? Neo-Zelander designer Geoffrey Bernett and his team imagined this “ciclovia”, or “cycleduc”, a monorail powered by pedal. For Geoffrey Barnett, no doubt this system could and will be use to link distant cities together. See more about the real monorail prototype at Schweeb, its developper.

From ACriaƧao

From ACriaƧao


Vertical Rack-Bike

Once you’ve ride, it’s parking time. Remember those messy bike-park in Amsterdam or Elsewhere? Yinnon Lehrer has a solution : a mast like a flightpole, where you can hang your bike even for a long term stop. Coming with it, station with facilities such as shower, toilet and storage box.

Coming via YankoDesign

Steal my Wheel!

Would you steal a bike if it had a broken wheel ? I bet you won’t, and so bet Carmond Lai, who invented this anti-theft wheel. Brake and unbrake it to protect your bike.

from Yankodesign