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The Bike Flyover

Forget the bike-lane, lost in the traffic, often following roads directions made for cars (never mind if it gets longer), where you cycle right into the pollution. The bulgarian designer Angelov create Kolelinia, a short cut track that will make cycling a very much envying activity. Bikers are moving on an elevated line, working a bit like a ski lift. The wheel is pluged inside a gutter, and you get pull by the wire… It’s a bit scary, and you don’t know how you get in or out, how it stands in the air, etc. But nevertheless, the idea is quite funny isn’t it??


From : inhabitat


Steal my Wheel!

Would you steal a bike if it had a broken wheel ? I bet you won’t, and so bet Carmond Lai, who invented this anti-theft wheel. Brake and unbrake it to protect your bike.

from Yankodesign